Information about Allahabad Railway Station

Allahabad is one of the most famous city in the Hindu Religion for there is Prayag,where three main rivers meet at one point known as Sangam and once in every twelve years there takes place a holy festival known as Maha Kumbh in which hundreds of thousands of people turn up from all over the world and they take dips in the Ganges or most precisely at Sangam, where rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati meet, with a faith that their evils and bad deeds would be washed off and they will be entitled to go to heaven after their death, so as to say they will attain Moksh that is salvation meaning they will be free from coming and going from this mortal world.

Would you like to know what does Allahabad mean in the Persian language? Its quite interesting. It means ‘settled by God’. Originally it was known as Prayag. In Sanskrit it means ‘Place of Sacrifice’. It is situated at Triveni. Tri means three symbolically standing for three rivers flowing in this ancient city.

This city is famous for many good reasons like-political, spiritual, educational, cultural, historical and so on.

To fulfil all the aforesaid reasons, feelings, accomplishments, goals etc the railways play an important role.

Allahabad, connected to most of the major parts of India directly by the Indian Railways, happens to be the headquarters of the North Central Railway Zone. There are eight railway stations in Allahabad and they are Allahabad City also known as Rambagh, Allahabad Junction, Bamrauli, Daraganj, Naini Junction, Prayag, Prayag Ghat and Subedar Ganj.

There are many bridges on the rivers Ganges as well as Yamuna so as to connect this city with its suburbs to facilitate the tourists and pilgrimages coming by trains or buses or air to reach their destinations easily, comfortably and economically also.

We can understand the importance, need and necessity of the railway tracks available at Allahabad which had its share of bringing in a part of 70 million people, who gathered on the pious soil of Prayag or Triveni or Sangam, whatever you may call this place as per your shraddha and belief , on the occasion of Maha Kumbh Festival/Mela as discussed earlier in the first para, in the year 2007. This gathering was about five years earlier and that was the recorded highest human gathering in the world on any occasion anywhere. Such is the importance of the railways. It is the most economical, comfortable, safe and enjoyable journey one can have.

The railway tracks at Allahabad are very well connected to mostly all the major cities of India, naming a few, like Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Chennai, Cuttack, Delhi, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai etc.

Let us know something about Railway Recruitment Board, Allahabad. Somewhere in 1942 a service commission was established with a chairman and a few members for recruiting subordinate staff on then known to be as North West Railway. The progress and development was looked into and on the basis of the reviews collected, somewhere in 1945 under the Railway Board service commissions at Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Lucknow were set up. In 1985 Railway Service Commissions were renamed as to be Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs).

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