Kolkata Railway Station

Kolkata is a famous city in the state of West Bengal, India and it is well connected with other major cities on India through trains, roads and by air. It is the capital of West Bengal. Kolkata is also called as ‘city of joy’. People from all over the world come to visit this wonderful city which is a unique blend of modernity and ancient.

Kolkata station is also famous as Chitpur station in West Bengal. Out of four intercity train stations such as Sealdah Station, Shalimar Station, Howrah Station in West Bengal which serves Howrah and Kolkata, Kolkata Stations is the newest station. This station is located in the north central part of Kolkata and locality name is Chitpur. The place where now Kolkata station has been built, was earlier Chitpur Rail Yard.

In 2000, Eastern Railway decided to built another large station due to the overcrowding at the Sealdah station. There was no space to built new platforms at the Sealdah station, though they constructed two new platform but problems were not solved. For solving the crowding problem at Sealdah station, it was decided to construct another large railway station in Kolkata. The purpose was to control the long distance trains movements. That is when Chitpur rail yard was chosen for making a new railway station because there were many unutilized and underutilized tracks.

In 2004 construction project started for building Kolkata railway station. They built station building, parking area and platforms and aligned the rail tracks through this new railway station.

Eastern Railway serves Kolkata station and run trains for Kalyani Simanta, Bandel, Krishnanagar, Gede, Dankuni, Shantipur, Bongaon, Kolkata Airport, Hasnabad and other stations. This station was built mainly to control the movement of Long distance trains so numbers of suburban trains are less. There are many long distance trains runs from Kolkata station.

Currently Kolkata station has 3 numbers of platforms and 1 number platform is being used for suburban trains while number 2 and 3 platforms are being used for operating long-distance trains. They are constructing two more platforms for this station.

Kolkata station runs an international train called Dhaka Maitree Express to Bangladesh. It is an unique functionality of this station.

For helping passengers, station has the facilities of waiting and retiring rooms. One can easily reach to bus stand and taxi stand from Kolkata railway station.

If someone needs to use tram from Kolkata station, the nearest place for getting tram is Belgachhia. Belgachhia is also a metro station and good for travelling any parts of this large city

Being a new railway station, only few public transports serve this station. If one wish to travel by bus from Kolkata railway station, they would not get many options available for them because there are only two or three bus routes available directly from this station. Mostly buses and trams run via Radha Gobinda Kar Road which is situated at the distance of 1 km from Kolkata Railway station and the metro station is also 2 km far from the railway station.

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